Pueblo County Online Property Search

Locate the property address by entering one or more of the following items:

The 'Beginning Street Number' field should contain the number of the beginning street number range, or the exact street number you are searching for.

The 'Ending Street Number' field should contain the number of the ending street number range, or left blank if you are looking for a particular street number.

The 'Street Name' field should contain only the name of the street, and no street prefix (e.g., 'E', 'NW', 'W', etc.), or street suffix ('St', 'BLVD', 'Ave', etc.).

A value entered into the 'Parcel Number' field will supercede all other search field values.

Separate First and Last Names with a space.

To search by Legal Description use a combination of Sub Division Name, Lot #, and Blk # separated by a space. For example: Settlers Village Lot 10 Blk 6

Pueblo West

Colorado City

When searching by multiple parameters you may group Street Numbers, Street Name, and Owner Name together; or you may group Owner Name and Legal Description together. If you choose to utilize the Pueblo West or Colorado City legal utility, you should enter data into those areas only! Note that if you have an entry in both the legal description and the Pueblo West OR Colorado City legal search, the information in either the Pueblo West or Colorado City search will be ignored!