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Assessor Tax Maps and Survey Maps are available on this site.

Pursuant to section 24-72-201, et seq., C.R.S., certain records kept by Pueblo County, Colorado in the normal course of business are open to inspection by the public at reasonable times. However, the County makes no representation as to the accuracy or content of the information contained in these records.

Some of the information contained in the Pueblo County, Colorado Assessors records is derived from other sources and that information should be verified by consulting said sources. This data is subject to change in accordance with the Assessors calendar.

Pueblo County and the Pueblo County Assessor hereby expressly disclaim the availability, accuracy or content of the information contained in this database. Official copies of this information should be obtained from the Pueblo County Assessors Office.

The Assessor Tax Maps displayed in this program are no longer being updated as of 01/01/2004. For current parcel maps, please use our On-line Assessor system.

On-line Assessor system

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