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On-line Permit Application

This website streamlines the permit application process by allowing the applicant to provide all information relevant to the required permit on-line.

In the case of a Building Permit application, the application will be submitted to the Regional Building Department for review and routing to relevant agencies. This process previously required the applicant to personally vist the office of the Pueblo Regional Building Department, and then carry an agency approval signoff sheet to all agencies that were impacted by the proposed permit.

This new, on-line application process will perform all such routing for you! Any problems/advisories that are subsequently noted by any agency on your permit application will be forwarded to you via the e-mail address that you provide. Thus many common problems/omissions on the Building Permit application no longer require additional trips to the Pueblo Regional Building Department or a routing agency; most may be resolved on-line in the convenience of your home or office! You may also view the current status of your application as it is processed on-line!

Note that entry into the system is accomplished by entering a valid e-mail address where you may be contacted regarding your permit application. Licensed contractors will additionally need to provide their company name, as well as their current license number.

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